5 damning effects of caffeine


1. Prolonged sleep deprivation?
Caffeine is not the answer!

Researchers from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine came to this conclusion after studying caffeine’s effects on their sleep-deprived test subjects.

Taking caffeine to keep awake after a long period of sleep deprivation is a false sense of security.

2. Caffeine may increase the risk of heart attack

According to a study conducted by Dr. Lucio Mos, who were diagnosed with mild hypertension had 4 times the risk of having a heart attack if they consumed the amount of caffeine equivalent to 4 cups of coffee. More moderate consumption showed 3 times the risk.

3. Indigestion!
People who consume caffeinated beverages often report an upset stomach or indigestion. This mainly occurs when the beverages are consumed on an empty stomach.

4. Caffeine reduces Fertility.
Consumption of caffeine is devastating to both male and female reproductive organs. This is supported by a study conducted at The University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno showed that caffeine interfered with the muscular contractions of the fallopian tubes. More so, further research out of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston found that men who consumed 265 mg of caffeine or more had the lowest chance of becoming a father as a result of low sperm count.

5. Caffeine overdose

While some people have lower tolerance for caffeine than others, others may be addicted to caffeine and as a result of this, overdose may occur.
Which could have adverse effects including death, anxiety, heart palpitations (cardiac arrhythmia).

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