A wise man said “you are not really living until you find something you can die for”. Meaning the discovery of what you can die for mark the beginning of your real life. Career is not just what you do for a living but what you live for. It must be what you do full time and you give it full attention. It should be something that occupy your mind when you sleep and when you wake. Anything that needs to be built requires foundation, structure and roofing. Before you begin to build, you need some architectural design. That is what we call dreams or vision. You can’t build a great career with a blank mind. That is why only diligent and hardworking people succeeds in their careers. Some facts about your career:-

(1) Chosen a career:- The truth of the matter is that it’s your career that choose you. You were born with it. It is the answer to your questions and the solution to all your problems. You only discover it. The discovery of your uniqueness is the end of your struggling. You don’t look outward to choose a career but inward. It’s not trying to do something you see someone else doing. It is not a trial and error stuff. There must be an inner conviction that you have found the work ordained for you. It is like marriage to you, you can leave everything else to cleave to it. Don’t copy or imitate anyone because there is a custom made destiny or career for you.

(2) Building your career:- People make decisions and the decision end up making them. Whatever you want to become in life starts with a decision and every decision requires sacrifices for proper execution. It is one thing to choose a career and it is another thing to decide how far you want to go with it. To build anything, you need the services of the professionals. Mentorship is one avenue through which you can build your career. Allowing an expert in your field to guide or teach you while you follow his footsteps is called mentorship. There are also consultants that can help you develop yourself and consequently your career. Employ their services. Personal development is key to career success and the strongest tool for personal development is information. Acquisition of relevant information help you to perform effectively.

(3) Sustaining a successful career:- personal satisfaction is the first benefit you derive from your career. You have to love your job or you will struggle harder than necessary to succeed. The success of your career is when it begins to impact people’s life. The greatest success of your career is when you train others to do what you are doing or even better. Success without a successor is equal to waster effort. What it costs you to succeed is the same thing that it will cost you to sustain it. If you must change, it must be for the better. To sustain the success you achieve in your career, you must remain consistently consistent.

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