Harrison Madubueze discusses Cyberbulling on ABS Television


During the interactive “Weekend Show on Television of Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), held earlier today, Mr. Harrison Madubueze posited :

” Statistically, over 78.9% of people on the social media, are being bullied in one form or the other on daily basis. I got interested in the above not just because it’s academic, but it’s actually a trendy act amongst the populace on the social media.

However, I argued that the concept is quite relative because what makes a post offensive to Mr. A, may not be offensive to B but then, it still doesn’t justify the act of “CYBERBULLYING”.
Conceptually, I explained Cyberbullying as;
1. “wilful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.”

2. It can also manifest when someone “repeatedly makes fun of another person online or repeatedly picks on another person through email or text message or when someone posts something online about another person that they don’t like.”
Basically, we are referring to incidents where adolescents use technology to harass, threaten, humiliate, or otherwise hassle their peers.
For example, youth can send hurtful text messages to others or spread rumors using smartphones or tablets. Teens have also created web pages, videos, and profiles on social media platforms making fun of others.
With mobile devices, adolescents have taken pictures in a bedroom, a bathroom, or another location where privacy is expected, and posted or distributed them online.
Others have recorded unauthorized videos of other friends and uploaded them for the world to see, rate, tag, and discuss. Still others are embracing anonymous apps or chat functionality on gaming networks to tear down or humiliate others.
ON NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF CYBERBULLYING, I argued that, there are many detrimental outcomes associated with cyberbullying that reach into the real world. For example;
~ It can bring about depression
~ Sadness and anger
~ It could get someone frustrated and possibly lead to being hurt Physically And Mentally.
~ It can bring about Low Self-Esteem
~ A Feeling of being Sick and possibly Worthless
~ It can trigger family problems,
Cyber Bullying happens on social media platforms such as;
~ Instagram,
~ Snapchat, and Twitter
~ Video sharing sites (such a YouTube).
~ Voice chat,
~ Textual chat, and texting via phones or tablets also can provide an environment in which hate and harm is expressed.
I cited several examples where people have lost their lives on issues that started as one form of CYBERBULLYING. Last week, a case of a fan of BIGBROTHER Nija reality show who threatened to an acid bath on CeeCee became a topical issues across Nigeria and on daily basis we have such cases going on and they are unreported.
Conussivelly, it is my view that it’s now ripe for the Government to make a law to checkmark the activities social media users. There has to be a way to punish anyone who sees social media as platform to malign an individual he/she cannot talk to, when met face to face.

This law has to give room for anyone to be arrested and charged to Court and be held accountable for act of libel or slandering specifically from the social media. I am optimistic that it will to a reasonable extent curb the surge of CYBERBULLYING that is currently on the increase.
Whoever is still engaging in CYBERBULLYING today, should desist from it. It can actually take one to prison if not well checked”.

Harrison Madubueze is the SA to the Anambra State Government on social media

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