The state or condition of not meeting the desired goal or target is called failure. Failure is never final, it shows that you made an attempt to succeed but it didn’t work out. Even in school, if someone fail he/she will be asked to repeat. Failure gives the chance to begin more excellently. Failure is not a title or an office but a challenge to be dealt with. It teaches more lessons than success. To succeed in life, you must be ambitious and hardworking. These are the two weapons you need to deal with failure. You must also be prepared to face any challenge that comes on your including failure and conquer them. Some facts about failure.

(1) Nobody is destined a failure. It’s not anybody’s lot to fail. The only person that has never failed is the person that has not tried anything before. One thing that makes success stories interesting is how they conquer failure. You are not a failure because you failed but because you give up.

(2) It’s just an event or an outcome. It’s something you need to brush aside and go on with your life. Don’t let one singular event end your life or destiny. It will open a new chapter in your life if you approach it positively. It is one of many things that are bound to happen in someone’s life time. If you fail to conquer failure, it will conquer you. There is nothing special about failure. It is a normal thing that happens to everyone. The fear of failure is the greatest prison house where people are confined. You can’t fight and conquer what you fear.

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(3) Don’t take it personal. Failure is not anybody’s name but a description of an outcome of an adventure. You are not the first to fail and you will certainly not be the last. Calling for a pity party will not help you in any way. People will only pity you when they see you lying where you fall. If you pick yourself up as fast as possible, you will be congratulated instead. Many people have experienced a worse situation than yours and have come out victorious. Learn from them and apply the principle that helped them.

(4) It’s universal. There is no country where people don’t experience failure. It is only attitude that differs. Though some people will prefer to be born in a certain country, still in that country people have to confront failure. Though, some countries creates a more conducive atmosphere for success to thrive than others, but that never eradicate failure. In every country, some people succeeds while others fail. If you are determined, any where you are in the world you will succeed. You can’t escape failure by running away from your country or by mere changing your location.

(5) It teaches practical life lessons. What is called experience is a combination of failure and success. There are some things you need to go through to toughen up. An adage says “when the going gets tough only the tough gets going. Some things you called failure are the necessary training you need to be equipped for any challenge that may come in future. There can’t be success without preparation, failure is one of the things that prepares you for the future of your dreams.

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(1) Maintain a positive attitude. Your mental state, disposition, belief, prejudice, reactions, demeanor are some words that describes your attitude. It is your attitude that defines and drives your life. A positive attitude will certainly produce a positive life while a negative attitude will certainly produce a negative life. Your attitude determines how you view life generally. It also determine the strength of your character. How fast one recover from a fall determines the strength of his character. Strong people fall but never stay down while weak people waste their previous time mourning their downfall. There is something positive about any negative thing that happens. Don’t jump into conclusion, analyse it objectively and pick up the lessons. Always focus on the positive.

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(2) Explore your creative potential. Some times the mind needs to be stirred to perform to its ultima capacity. You crack your head when things are not going as planned. The thought to change strategy or plan will only ensue when the results are not palatable. You will see the options that will be created in your head if you take your time to think deep. If you can’t find any option, create one for yourself. Better still, choose to be calm no matter what happens. Never allow any situation to defeat or overwhelm you.

(3) Give time a chance. Time heals and settle alot of things. Just remain calm, don’t do anything stupid and watch things turn out well for you. What you think was the best for you, time may reveal that it isn’t good enough for you. Patience and endurance are virtues that will help you stay calm no matter the storms. The process may be rough but a glorious end will make you forget the pain. Focus on your set goals and deal with any distraction that may come your way.