1. cultism: cult is what the igbos practiced a long time ago without harming human being, eg: mmanwu (masqurade) but since whites adopted the practice of cultism they brought in abomination ( imeru ala na aru) into it and desecration of land and harming of people through a devilish and diabolic manner.

2. witches and wizard: have been practiced long time ago by the forefather and left it because its very diabolic, and those who keep to practice are to be casted away as an out cast because its evil, but that is what the whites is practicing today and call it African/Black magic/Forces. the dibias ( native doctors) know all this but can not touch it or go by it because there is a way of regulating them by striping away their heritage power by the gods, and if you practice it, it is “ARU” and because of the culture and democracy government, you will you will be announced outcast, “ARU-SI” ARUSI GI POU NA ALA IGBO, not igbos told you but the Abormination you did said you should leave the igboland (ARUSI GI PUO) the same thing goes to other abomination like killing and others and this outcast is done after a committee has been set up to look into your case but came back founding your case complicated, either you take an oath and when the oath holds you, because of (ARU imere, ARUSI GI PUO)

3. government: the government of ndiigbo is the earliest democracy in the world and the safest rulership which the white turned and copied and blackmailed the igbo nation of not having a central leadership or leading skills ( igbo enwe eze) long time ago women who have the heart of men marries, women who lost their husband but still want to bear him children marries other women by the designated way in democratically leadership of indiigbo, today whites called this “Lesbiansm” because of the way it practiced on the world today which is not acceptable to others but seen as abomination (ARU).

NB: the whites brought corruption in igboland, corruption is foreign to igboland.


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