Exposed: Inside Abuja nightclub where strippers, prostitutes go berserk every night.


In the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, night outs now compete favorably with Christian vigils, where the faithful congregate at various churches for all-night supplication to their God.

The FCT is not only wearing the identity of the seat of power as the political capital of Nigeria, it is also a city where young ladies, seasoned politicians and “big boys” enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Abuja is now more than a city where the wealthy intimidate fellow citizens with exotic cars. It is now a city where young men and women unwind at different nightclubs, a place where clubbing provides the antidote for residents to beat the stressful effects of recession.

Ultimately, FCT is fast turning into a place where fun seekers throng multiple joints to satisfy their erotic desires. Therefore, residents who have never hanged out or enjoyed an all-night thrill at the club might not have known the other face of the city called Abuja.

For non-initiates, it would be difficult to believe that a sane human being, especially residents of Abuja crying and struggling to overcome harsh economic realities and recession, would overlook the numerous churches and mosques spread across the town for the spiritual needs of the people, but would rather devote time and spend a fortune at nightclubs in the capital city.

Similarly, for a category of people, recession and economic adversities seem not to have affected clubbing or other social activities in Abuja.

Abuja is really gifted with nightclubs that can compete favourably with others elsewhere in other parts of the world. Abuja nightclubs are certainly not the venues for men and women with the spirit of God, for the feeble minds and for paupers.

It takes determination to witness first hand that clubbing is more than dancing inside the club. Once inside Abuja nightclubs especially on Friday nights, be prepared for anything other than celestial. The nightclub culture is thriving such that it is now reminiscent of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

From Utako, Jabi, Gwarimpa, Kubwa to Wuse and other parts of the FCT, the nightclub scene is almost the same. On arrival, ladies of different shapes and sizes, beautiful, ugly, fair-complexioned, chocolate or ebony-black, top and bottom-heavy would seductively smile at you invitingly.

At most clubs, alternative provisions have been made for those that lack the confidence and financial power to enjoy the live band and dance away any worries with the call girls and professional dancers ready to go to any level. However, men and women of sterner stuff belong to the main club hall, where the ‘main event’ happens and where exploits would sweep you off your feet.

Inside the main club, ladies in skimpy dresses and see-through miniskirts would welcome you with seductive dance steps or hugs. However, it is usually a preamble to the real thing in the heart of the club, where strippers and stark naked ladies send signals that you are right inside the home of the debauchery incarnate.

It is always a breathtaking sight to see a large number of Nigerian youths and foreigners enjoying the thrills and the lasciviousness of the setting. They eagerly pay any amount for exploration and extreme excitement.

Inside the clubs are such settings as strategically mounted televisions showing pornographic videos, prostitutes skimpily dressed in undies alone or revealing dresses, and nude strippers entertaining clubbers with acrobatic pole dances.

Other features include watertight security, live sex acts, nude dances, expensive alcoholic drinks and other edible items and the drama of prostitutes snatching the clubbers from the ladies they came with.

Pre-club episodes

Driving along the deserted Umaru Yar’Adua expressway, popularly called Airport Road, at 11pm might discourage new clubbers as the road invokes images of night marauders and danger.

With only a few vehicles on the well-lit road and minimal human presence, a chicken-hearted person would certainly realise that he is taking a big risk that could send him to the land of the unknown. However, for a true clubber, the promise of fun and ecstasy at the destination nightclub inside the town would not only eclipse the memories of the deserted Airport Road but also leave fond memories that more than satiate any desires of mind and body of clubbers.

Deciding the club to attend is never a problem to clubbers, rather, their financial muscle and the grade of the club are usually the major determinant of the one to patronise. Once at the Berger roundabout, nightclubs abound in Abuja, with Utako, Wuse, Jabi, and Gwarimpa, among others, providing viable options.

On arrival at the nightclub along Okonjo-Iweala Road, the multitude of persons along the road leave you in no doubt that you are at the right place. Neatly parked cars and scarlet ladies geared up to get your attention for patronage would heighten ones curiosity.

Guaranteed security from the entrance

You would be dead wrong thinking that entrance into the venue is a thoroughfare, as the presence of stern-looking, unfriendly bouncers would caution anyone with nefarious intent to look elsewhere for their evil intentions.

Men are scanned thoroughly before gaining entrance into the compound. But security checks don’t stop at the gate. Clubbers are equally screened at the door to the main club. The possibility of anyone with devilish intent succeeding in carrying out any attack on other clubbers is very slim. The only time the bouncers’ make friendly request for one favour or the other is perhaps when the clubbers step out of the club.

Actions inside the clubs

Once inside the gate after the screening, clubbers must decide whether to settle down outside and enjoy the vibes of the live band playing all genres of music, from reggae to highlife, or enter the main arena, where the whole action takes place.

Resolving to camp outside is usually a wise decision, for the sake of financial prudence, as the clubbers would most likely spend less there. However, joining the ‘happening crowd’ inside the main club guarantees full enjoyment, with heavy financial implications.

Once inside, one thing that might abuse ones sensibility would be the dress sense of people there, especially the ladies. The erogenous dresses, including those of the bar attendants and waitresses, would perhaps put the clubber in the mood for a taste of what to enjoy during his entire stay inside the club.

On settling down, waitresses would swarm around you like bees asking for your order and anything else you might want. Woe betides any man who enters the main club alone because, as he contends with the attendants, the seductive ladies go to war and outdo each other to get the clubber’s attention and claim them.

Three minutes inside the club is time enough to realise the magnitude of the man’s crisis. It is also the time allowed for the clubber to make up his mind. A clubber’s attention is torn between the pornographic videos, the strippers, the half-nude prostitutes, suffocating smoke from tobacco and other substances and disconcertingly exorbitant price of alcoholic drinks, with N15,000 as the least amount.

Depending on their carriage and charisma, the attendants direct clubbers to the VIP section, where more surprises await them. Every scene in the main club hall equally exists in the VIP, except for the live sex being performed to the admiration of patron.

After spending the three minutes grace period, bouncers would alert the clubber on the standing rule of consolidating his stay with the purchase of the outrageously-priced drinks, and failure to do so would attract automatic eviction from the club.

Strippers and prostitutes going berserk

The display by the strippers is one indispensible episode that perhaps attracts the attention of clubbers to the various clubs. For clubbers in need of emotional release, the strippers would provide the surest answer.

Cuddling a smooth, long pole in their G-strings and bra dress code, the strippers would swing round the pole from the top to the ground, spreading their legs wide during the process. After such several displays, some of them would seductively remove their undies completely and repeat the same display over and over again.

Done with the swinging, some of them would go from one clubber to the other, stripping seductively in front of them, faking sexual play and allowing them unrestrained access to intimately touch their bodies. Depending on the clubbers’ financial disposition, they would part with amounts ranging from N500 to N10,000 for the gesture.

The actions of the strippers and prostitutes, dancing seductively to the DJ’s carefully dished, mostly Nigerian, hit songs, would leave one to wonder whether money or professional satisfaction is their motive.

Ladies of all sizes, ages and shapes compete for clubbers’ attention. Provocative in their outfits and weird makeup, the ladies of the night show the stuff they are made of, doing the unthinkable to woo the clubbers. They aggressively solicit for sex openly for pecuniary benefits.

While some would hang out near the door of the convenience to appeal to any man wanting to ease himself, others boldly approach men to ask if they want to have sex, an action that is quite alien and un-African to some people.

An attendant at one of the clubs told Daily Sun that cases abound where the ladies snatched some men that came with their girlfriends and engaged them in quick sex.

Costly drinks

Whatever amount the clubbers save in not paying their way into the main club hall they would expend buying the inflated alcoholic drinks of all types. The prices for the drinks range from N30,000 to N300,000.

As a clubber summed it, “We are not paying for the drinks directly but the pornography and live sex we enjoyed.

Apart from the costly drinks, every other thing inside the club hall is very expensive, besides the erotic entertainment the clubbers enjoy from the prostitutes and strippers without paying directly. Some clubbers have, however, devised a means of beating the club owners at their game by combining to buy one bottle of expensive drink, which they share, and enjoy the dances and erotic games.

Taxi drivers making brisk business

Movement from one club to the other is not an issue that bothers clubs as an assemblage of taxi drivers in front of the clubs means that there is transportation at he patrons’ disposal. They solicit to take any willing passengers to any location around Abuja for a price. Once outside the club, the taxi drivers would fall on clubbers soliciting for patronage.

No security presence on major Abuja roads

Shock awaits anyone hoping to sight policemen on stop-and-search or patrol duty, especially along Airport Road at very late hours.

However, the roads are not always deserted as there is the occasional vehicle or two, especially in the wee hours; there is also the presence of police or other security agents, cruising in their patrol vansor parked in strategic locations.

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