Guest Etiquette


    Dear Etiquette lovers, another weekend is upon us. Are you visiting anyone? How well do you know your etiquette as a guest?
    Here are some tips to serve as a guide.

    1. Whether you were invited or you invited yourself, discuss dates of arrival and departure.

    2. If you must have company, ensure that you inform your host ahead of time and only come along with them if your host is comfortable with it.

    3. It’s always pleasant to show up with a gift. However little. I mean who doesn’t appreciate gifts? It could be something you can share while you are around like a drink, snacks, games, etc.

    4. Come along with you personal effects. Toothbrush/paste, bathing soap, hair products, cosmetics, towels, etc. Don’t bank on using that of your host.

    5. When you move in, it’s okay to feel at home but always remember that it’s not your house, you’re just a guest therefore you must abide by the domestic rules of your host.

    6. If you may introduce a change make it a suggestion and see how receptive your host is to it. Don’t try to impose what you think is right. Not everyone adjusts quickly to change.

    7. Make yourself more of an asset than a liability to your host. What I mean there is that your host shouldn’t see you as more of a consumer but also a contributor.

    8. Ask questions when you’re in doubt about what your host is or isn’t comfortable with because traditions differ from home to home. It may be acceptable to wear your shoes around your home but not at your host’s.

    9. Whenever you’re in dout or feel a strain in communication, talk to your host about it and sort things out on time. Don’t let it linger for too long.

    10. Feel free to ask your host to show you how to operate any appliance you may not be conversant with. Rather than spoil it and incure cost for your host who may not let you fix it. And if you happen to spoil something, at least offer to fix it.

    11. Apply your table manners at every meal even if your host isn’t very courteous, they could learn from you.

    12. Clean up after every use of the kitchen. Don’t mess things around. It’s unacceptable.

    13. Ensure that you dress the bed when you get up every morning. If you happened to use your host’s comb or hair brush, endeavour to clean it by removing all hair stands immediately after use.

    14. Before your departure, check the bedroom and bathroom for your personal belongings.

    15. Don’t take anything you weren’t given even if you think your host doesn’t care much about it.

    16. Make sure you don’t over-stay your welcome. A good host can very quickly become a bad host when guests overstay their welcome.

    Don’t forget to use the magic words ” Please, Excuse me, I’m sorry, Pardon me and Thank you” when need be.

    Etienying Akpanusong

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