One of the simplest, yet toughest things to do is ending a chat.

How do you do it? Will the other person perceive your move as ‘rude’? Will you hurt their feelings? Should you just stop abruptly? Which by the way is really not cool. Or should you switch off your data, and lie three days later that it was the network?

The easiest and the sincerest way is a simple, “I think I have to go now,” while hoping the person is not a demon who will go, “why?”
But many are aware that sincerity at times, hurts the best of us, so they decide to carry on with the chat. If you’re on the receiving side, these telltale signs can help you know when it’s time to go, so the closing speech becomes easier for both of you.

1. When you receive more than three consecutive ‘lols’ from them, especially when what you’ve said is not remotely funny, know it’s time to go.
“The traffic this morning was fair.”
“My boss just arrived.”
“What’s funny?”

2. When their replies start coming in late; say every five minutes, provided they are not using GLO. This is why before any chat, you must ask, ‘what network are you using?’ So you can steel yourself.

3. When there’s a sudden outburst of ‘hmmmm.’
“Morenike, my dog just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.”
“Give me your account, let me send you money.”

4. When an experienced writer starts replying you in abbreviations. This is just a definite red flag.
“Kk” “Alryt” “Wot u said s so gud.”
A correct writer is wired in such a way that unless they’re under intense stress or super bored, they NEVER type in abbreviations. This is also how you know a sensible writer from a senseless one.

5. When they begin using emoticons that don’t correlate with what you’ve said.
“I’m no longer sure if Sowore stands a chance of winning this election.”
“ ”
“Come, let’s eat.”
“ ”

6. When after they’ve finished *typing…* for almost 10 minutes, you see,
In this case, give your closing speech, end the chat, and then block them.

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