‘It’s Getting Out Of Hands’ – Nigerian Pastor Wants FG To Check Indecent Dressing.


Pastor Amos Olugbenga of Christ Kingdom Church, Ilorin, has called on government at all levels to enact a law to check indecent dressing in the country.

Olugbenga made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Tuesday.

He observed that indecent dressing had become a way of life among young ones in the country, saying that this was eroding the nation’s rich culture and value from the hearts of the present generation.

The clergy expressed regret that indecent dressing was gradually turning the society to ‘free style’ society, where you could dress anyhow without taking cognizance of the country’s mores and values.

‘‘It is getting out of hand as youths, old ones are dressing anyhow parading the streets without any consequence.

‘‘Indecent dressing has continue to corrupt the society. Go to Nigerian universities’ campuses and see what students turned themselves to in the name of dressing.

‘‘Government and concerned authorities must intervene in order to rescue the upcoming generation from the social evil before it get worse.

‘‘Parents must stop buying clothes that will expose body of their children to the world.

‘‘Africa rich culture has been thrown into dustbin.

‘‘We have borrowed western way of life, which is not helping the young ones. Government at all levels must wake up from their slumber and act fast,’’ he said.

The cleric, however, called on government, parents, religious leaders and journalists to campaign against indecent dressing in order to curb the obnoxious act.


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  1. But the issue now is how would government authorities tackle this menace in our country. Where would they start

  2. Remember that the have tried and fail although some are trying by preaching against it, while others are in support of indecent dressing. Only cos they are looking for members, they go ahead encouraging people to dress as they like.

  3. It’s very annoying that most women don’t value the privacy of their body. They will tell you that it doesn’t matter, that it’s in Vogue or that it’s their body, how does it concern you. I wish and pray that government will map out a very terrifying law against it.

  4. I loved Aba people for that sometimes ago, when they see any lady dressing indicently, the boys around will help you and pull it off entirly so that the world will see that ur nakedness fully. Nonsense

  5. Imagine someone will dress indicently half naked from house and proudly walk out with it without minding that our body is an image of God.

  6. What rubbish. I can still recall back in the Bible when God called Adam and he said I am naked and he immediately run to a nearby bush to fetch a fig tree to cover his nakedness before approaching God. Then why are we been naked every day moving up and down. God forbid.

  7. I am urging and supporting the government for this there move. I pray for them to put a sanction and a stop to it since church has failed to do so.

  8. I suggest that they create a ministry for women affairs on curbing indecent dressing and as well creat manpower in all the state to checkmate this menace of indicent dress cos it’s getting out of hand.

  9. I don’t know if we women doesnt dress naked, men or husband will not see us or what, exposing our body to the public. What madness. God help us.

  10. Indecent dressing is not good but it is not a national issue that the Federal Government should be involved.

  11. This should also be a collaborative effort between government and the church, most especially the church cos that is where we have more of the population gathering together.

  12. Most of the churches are not helping matter. They refused to preach against it just cos they needed a population and more worshippers.

  13. It’s very wrong and uncalled for. Remember the word that said many are called but few are choosen. And again God said where two or more are gathered He is in their mist.

  14. It is not by population but by who is ready and interested. I can remember in the days of our fore parents, they respect and adores their body and it’s their husbands pride.

  15. The height of indecency in Nigeria is terrifying. I reside in PH and you need to watch the height of indicency there. Go to the higher institutions it’s the pick of the day. Student moves naked to lecture rooms without minding. And they will tell you that it’s none of ur business.

  16. Whose business it’s then, the parents, wards, guidiance, the environment, the country, or the institution. It pisses me off when you see a lady and a man moving, watch the outfit of the man and the lady. We will notice that the man wore to cover every parts of his body but women will dress half naked following him. Rubbish

  17. This indecency affects even the so called married women, they are even the worst, tell how and what they will teach their children.

  18. For the eradication of this menace I think it should first and foremost start from the church first cos dress naked to church without the miniters be concerned rather they are encouraging them. End time. May God help us.

  19. Who will check who the same people that use this girl’s for pleasure is the best or the thier folks even some mom that wear the same or thier the one who will buy it for them is to check.

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