#Justice4Nonso: Protests erupts in Anambra as Group demands justice for man murdered by police


Follow up on the developments :

1. Nigerian man narrates how the Police shot a driver who refused to part with bribe in Anambra

2. Update on the man murdered by trigger-happy policeman in Anambra

According to Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), “Members of Behind Bars Human Rights Defenders protesting the murder of a business man from Odidiani Village, Agulu Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State on the seventh of August 2018, by the officers of the Nigeria Police Force, Anambra State Command in Awka.

The group led by their Director General Prince Gwamnishu Harrison revealed that the business man was shot by a trigger happy police while struggling to collect one hundred naira from a commercial driver that was conveying them to Awka at about 1.pm beside the West African Examination Council House along Agulu – Awka express road.

The group equally said that the police officers were led by one Mr. Emerghene Benaro.

They demanded immediate arrest and prosecution of all the officers that were involved in the killing on order for the deceased to get justice. ”

According to Ngini Ebelechukwu Emmanuel also, who witnessed the crime :

“Give Police slain Citizen Nonso Onyeme Justice

This is Citizen Nonso Micheal Onyeme he was gruesomely murdered by the Metro Patrol Police Awka. The killer after killing Nonso was unremorseful,poised to kill again. “If you near me I go waste you” were his exact words to me. I shouted and pleaded to them to at least take him to the hospital as he bled profusely live fast ebbing out of his unconscious life,they refused,shot in the air and flee in two pick up vans.

Nonso posed no threat to them at all,the Police was at the check point intimidating motorists and abusing people,I can’t even believe that they insisted that I part with bribe even when the papers to my vehicle is complete. “you want show us you sabi right abi,when I am through with you today na water water you go dey shit” officer Emerghene Benaro threatened me,before one of them killed Nonso. All the members of that team are criminals armed legitimately with AKs.

Nonso was killed,another was wounded in the face as the bullet that sent Nonso to an excruciating painful untimely grave grazed his face and pierced Late Nonso’s skull.

My driver gave them a chase as they escaped,according to my driver,the killer cop who was sitting at the truck of the pick up was gesturing to shoot him still,but he remained resolute and chased them until the wounded(the second one wounded on the face) started losing consciousness due to loss of blood,they have to abandon the chase and take him to ODUMEGWU OJUKWU TEACHING HOSPITAL AMAKU. up till now we can’t really say what the police are doing with the investigation.

I was there,I witnessed everything,it is so traumatizing,my day was disrupted by the police on 7/8/2018 but the life of a fellow youth was disrupted forever by the men who should safe guard that life including any property he may owned. Nonso left a son of about 3 or 4 and no wife. How will that boy perceive the police in his country for the rest of his life. I am traumatized by what I witnessed. It seems like a scene from a movie about ISIL.

I don’t know Nonso from Adam but his condition could be anyone’s if we don’t at least try to take killers out of the UNIFORM and legitimate RIFLES. CITIZEN NONSO’s unfinished life is one death too many in the hands of rogue cops. Bad eggs who rubbishes the sincere efforts of patriotic policemen and policewomen. Nonso can’t fight or speak for himself,he is gone! Gruesomely murdered,ended with his dreams,ambitions and aspirations. He took with him to numerous potential solutions he may have proffered to Nigerias problems if he lived.

Nonso today
Could be you or family or friend tomorrow!

His family is poor,barely educated and almost timid. Help get Nonso justice.


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