What does it mean for a marriage to be complimentary? A marriage is complimentary when the spouses support each other and work towards the individual and common goal of the union. In such circumstance each of the spouse will be concerned about how to assist the other excel, knowing that the success of one is the success of the other, and invariably the success of their family.

Whereas a marriage relationship is competitive when spouses conceive each other as rivals. Never wanting the other to soar higher than him or her in his or her pursuits. There are relationships which are functioning this way. And it’s more from the man’s side.

Most woman would like their husbands to excel, knowing that the more he succeeds the better for their family. But some men don’t see it that way. The very domineering ones won’t like their wives to excel because they feel threatened, believing that the more successful a woman is the more difficult it is to control her.

This anomaly bothers on failure to appreciate God’s concept of marriage. The bible said the two shall become one. If they are one,what’s the need for division? Can you divide what you own with yourself who is the sole owner? The moment we understand marriage the way God created it the better for us all and the world in general.

Remember a good marriage transcend to a good society that’s why God is passionate about families and gave us a model family to follow which is the family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

When spouses compliment each other in their relationships there is hardly anything they target to achieve that they will not achieve because the husband and the wife will bring in their various proceeds into the home and join to become a formidable force. But the devil in his wickedness will not allow parties to see things from this perspective, knowing that he will loose when they do. Yet the devil can not succeed if the spouses unite and determine that their union will succeed.

Some people enter marriage with a wrong physic which will never allow them give their best in the relationship. But if we resist the devil our relationship can not be an abode for it. Men should also know that women are not chattels to be own, but full fledge human beings created in God’s image, with potentials capable of achieving success and sometimes far better than men.

For me it does not matter who excels more in their endeavours, but what matters is the management of the success for the general good of the family. If a man could stay alone, God won’t have created a help meet for him. And the beautiful thing about this creation is that, she was created out of the man while the man was created out of dust.

The two should therefore compliment each other and not be in competition in any way whatsoever.


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