Visions and dreams are personal to us, therefore if not guarded jealously we loose it in the course of the journey of life. And once you loose it, you might end up not being exactly what God has created you to be. No other person can appreciate your dream more than you so it’s inappropriate to wait for human approval to follow it.

Sadly today, so many people have lost their visions or dreams on the altar of marriage. This is not right because your marriage is suppose to improve not diminish you. The most affected in this area are women. Some had bright futures before they embarked on the journey of marriage just for everything to turn into a mirage over time, because they entered into the contract with the an unsupportive spouse.

A good spouse should support the dreams of the other and even make improvements on them where necessary. Apart from being married, one need to also maintain ones self esteem and sanity. Husbands who stop their wives from accomplishing their goals should have a rethink knowing that they are also beneficiaries of the woman’s success.

One may argued that some women change when they succeed, yes I agree, and must add that some men also do the same. Therefore It will not be good to preempt what a person will do when they succeed. I bet you if you study the woman well you will notice, she was not any different when she has not succeeded.

A balance has to be struck in all we do so that everybody will live a fulfilled life. And do not allow other aspects of your life to suffer while you chase your dream or vision. For instance a lady married at a tender age and was unable to go beyond the primary school education but she kept desiring to go back to school, to the point that she went back to night school as a grand mum just to satisfy that desire to be educated. She did not allow her circumstance to deprive her of her dream nor did she loose the essence of her marriage in pursuits of her dream. You can suspend your dream if need be but never quit it altogether, because doing so will amount to living in denial.

Dreams and visions comes with a strong passion which keeps the victim empty unless met. That is why no one should allow his or her circumstance to be a hinderance. The year is still very fresh, I don’t know that dream you abandoned to chase other things. You can revisit it this year and give it the attention required, I bet you, you will succeed better than you are doing in other things because passion for what you do has a tremendous role to play in its success.

Run with your dream and vision no one else will achieve it for you.

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