Opinion: APC & Old PDP: A case of six and half a dozen


Since the Reformed APC group sprung into action, the ruling APC has been entering all kinds of agreement and making all kinds of promises. The latest of which is the overtures the APC is making to Dr. Bukola Saraki in order to prevent his defection from the ruling party.

Like the former ruling party before it, the APC has shown itself to be an ideologically soulless party interested only in power.

And while I do not agree much with Bukola Saraki’s brand of politics, it is now clear that the Buhari led government prosecuted him solely because of the way he upended the senate presidency election.

As a democrat, I find it troubling that anyone will use the instruments of state to hound an opponent who refused to tow the party line. There is an irony here though, those of us from Kwara know too well that Bukola Saraki also uses the instruments of the Kwara state government to promote nepotism, harass and intimidate his opponents. And yet, while all these may be true, it doesn’t make it right.

As a country, our aspiration should be to have more reformed democrats who are confident in their beliefs to reform society, promote business friendly policies and ensure justice for all. Nigerians did not elect the Buhari government to act like the previous ones, Nigerians elected Buhari to be totally different in all spheres of our national life.

And while President Buhari has excelled in some critical areas, he has failed woefully in other important areas as well. There are documented cases of nepotism in the Buhari government and the president hasn’t done anything about it even once. Remember unadvertised recruitment in the Central Bank of Nigeria, the NNPC and many others. And the killings of the Shia group is a clear case of injustice done to a minority group. There are several other instances of a return to the past as well.

President Muhammadu Buhari did not serve in the civilian governments that started in 1999 till 2015 and because of this singular reason he cannot be accused of having benefited in the bazaar that went on during that era. It should however be clear to the president that 99 percent of the men and women that served from 1999 – 2015 were morbidly corrupt and he cannot prosecute one and turn a blind eye to the other.

The essential foundation of our government ought to be rooted in justice that cannot be bought, an informed citizenry that wouldn’t sell their votes, a reformed and professionalized police force, an impartial electoral commission, a lean and efficient bureaucracy, a prudent, cost efficient National Assembly and ideologically sound political parties that aren’t multi – purpose special vehicles designed only to win elections. Nigerians deserve better!

-Adulmumin Yinka

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