By Mr Abasifreke Idiong

If there are any lessons I would like to share with you from the long drawn melodrama in Ekiti that culminated in victory for Dr Fayemi of the APC, today, one of them is the fact that majority of Nigerian voters are not on Facebook and twitter and so don’t even read your media propaganda and hate campaign!

Second, there is always a limit to brashness and political brigandage!

Third, many Nigerians may be hungry, but stomach infrastructure isn’t the solution, by and by. Empowerment is.

In many ways, Ekiti embodies a litmus test, a harbinger for what the nearest future holds for elections in Nigeria.

I hold no sympathy for Fayose. He shot himself in the foot. I can only wish that his coterie of admirers and cheerleaders help him serve his imminent sentence when the time comes, for for every action there must be a reaction. His failure to install his stooge of a deputy will come with far-reaching ramifications. Dire consequences. And for him, it’s about when, and not if!

PMB may be no saint, but that office demands some esteem.

Fayose bought media space in several Nigerian mainstream newspapers saying PMB will die and you clapped, cheering him on.

He told anyone who cared to listen PMB wear
pampers, and you popped champagne!

He generated a fake report about PMB alleged
prostrate cancer from ABU teaching hospital, and you went all bonkers.

He boldly wishes PMB death while in hospital in
London. He said he is in possession of the pictures, and you claimed to have had same sent to your device!

He called the wife of the president a looter, and dared
her to travel to America. She did, and you smarted back in amazement.

He insulted the president, calling him names,
incompetent and the worst thing to happen to
Nigeria and you concurred.

He refused to welcome Mr President to the Ekiti he built, but
chose to welcome a mere envoy, and you asked the barman for more bottles.

He mounted road blocks on the stretch of road which would have been shorter for PMB to access the campaign ground, and you said the President has met his match!

He chose to play the clown just to spite Mr President. And you drummed.

No day passed without the man pouring his venom on
the exalted office of the President. Yet PMB never answered him, privately or in public. Civility!

In case you never knew, Mr Fayose is today a goner, a gone man. But before natural justice catches up with him, I feel duty-bound to remind him that PMB is not dead, to the glory of God!

His fate now will now be decided by this man he wished evil.

Get ready, Sir, cos the chicken has come home to roast!

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