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eNigeria Income Program is a paid engagement program that enables our participants to earn from their engagement on our website.

By registering as a member of eNigeria Income Program, you agree to be bound by this terms of service and shall be liable to any of the rules here in.

In this agreement, eNigeria Income Program is to be referred to as E.I.P and the participant as the MEMBER.

This agreement is subject to modification at anytime and it’s strongly advised to you check it out from time to time.

Below are the terms and rules that guides your membership on this site.


Every participating member on eNigeria Income Program must be 18 years and above. It isi expected of the user to compulsorily supply us with the accurate personal information including real names, date of birth, contact address, etc as failure to do this will lead to termination of your account.

Every participating member must also avoid involving in any of the under listed acts.

(a) Having two accounts on Each participant is limited to one account.

(b) Use a name that is not yours or subject to copyright without proper permission sought for and approved by it’s owner(s)


Our members are highly prohibited from participating in any form of spam activities on this site as this may lead to termination of your account or forfeiture of your earnings.

Spam is a very big issue on the Internet and it affects the health of the victim website and the Internet community in general.

Spam related activities includes the following:
(a) Making unnecessary multiple comments on our posts.
(b) Splitting one comment into multiple comments.
(c) Posting comments with advertorial and external links to spam websites.
(d) Posting unrelated comments all over the site contents.

Any member caught in the aforementioned act will be dealt with very strictly.

ADS AND SPONSORED CONTENTS members are highly prohibited from clicking on any ads on the site.

As an E.I.P Member, you can only earn and get your earnings paid to you if you abide by the following activity rules.

POSTING: Members can submit posts for publishing on the site but the content must entirely belong. This means that it should be a self written article without any of it’s constituting part being subject to any copyright except you have express approval to use same.

COMMENTING: Non relevant comments and contribution example, one word, ok, lol, heya, chai, hmmm, hahaha, etc and posting of same comment or unrelated comments are not allowed. Doing this will disqualify you from receiving your earnings.

Multiple comments on a post just inflate your earnings is not allowed!!! Be warned!!!

Continuing this act or any other unacceptable behaviour may lead to termination or suspension of your account and forfeiture of yur earnings.


We pay you your earnings once you have accumulated N5000 and upwards between the 26th to 31st of every month.
You have to request for withdrawal between 21st and 25th.

By going ahead to register means acceptability of the aforementioned rules and you liable to related punishment on any of the rules you contravene.