THE SCARY FUTURE we may never witness


I see a future where the human species will be extraordinary beings…exhibiting extraordinary ingenious prowess.

I see a future where humans could defy some present laws of physics to break conventional science bounds and state new laws.

I see a future where humans will become omniscient beings…a future where humans will possess unlimited knowledge.

I see a future where humans will build a moving machine that could be as fast as near the speed of light.

I see a future where interplanetary travel will be possible…a future where humans could fly to other planets on vacations.

I see a future where time travel will be possible…a future where we could take a journey into the future and still come back to present.

I see a future where humans will further evolve from Homo Sapiens to Homo Cosmicus…a future where we will have the ability to withstand cosmic radiations in space and live in more than one planets.

I see a future where humans will defy natural death…a future where we could live as long as we want…as long as we could treat or replace all our damaged and aging body parts.

I see a future where humans will no longer power their machines with fuels or batteries…but with quantum field energy…the same energy that causes planets and other asteroids to move in the universe.

I see a future where there’ll be no more religions…or better put, a future where there’ll be only one religion, where every human will believe in one Supreme God without any religious affiliations.

I see a future where the present science fiction movies would become reality TV shows.

Who else sees it?

Maybe you think it’s one impossible future. Well, I tell you what. The people in the 1700s believed it was impossible for a machine which is heavier than air to fly until the Wright brothers built an airplane in 1903 and defied that ancient law of physics.

The people in the 16th century believed nothing could move faster than a horse with a maximum speed of about 35 miles per hour but in the 21st century, in 2016 to be precise, NASA celebrated the arrival of Juno spacecraft at the orbit of Jupiter after 5 years journey travelling at the speed of 165,000 miles per hour. That’s insane speed!

The people in the 16th century never imagined that human heart-transplant could be possible until technologies in medical science of the 21st century made it possible.

The people in the 11th century believed that cyborg, human living with machine body parts was impossible until technology in the 20th century proved it’s possible.

To the people in the 10th century, a rover ride on the moon was a science fiction until the people in the 20th century made it a reality.

Think I’m crazy?

I’m not crazy! I’m just hyper-cognitive. I don’t believe in impossibility! If we cannot do it now, it’s not because it’s impossible, it’s because we haven’t developed the enabling technology yet. All the technologies we use now, from the light bulbs to the cell phones and the air travels were all science fictions to the people who lived 1,000 years ago.

Most times we wonder how they survived without all those techs. Funny enough, those who will live in the next 1,000 years will pity us for living in a glorified stone age. Most of the advanced technology we boast of now will be to them like what hourglass is to us now.

Don’t freakout! It’s normal! Technology is innovative. It is evolutionary. It could only get more advanced. Scientific exploration is endless. It’s in the human nature to break bounds, to go where no one has ever been, to achieve the unheard of, to reach the greatest height and to do the impossible. What we, humans could still do is yet to be imagined. Just observe these two prosthetic limbs of the past and present, then imagine the future.

-Enoch Onochie

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